Why so hard?


Why do we make things so difficult? Seriously. I make things really hard for me to do. Especially abundance.

I read a quote from Bob Proctor once; he said that getting lots of money is no more difficult than NOT getting lots of money. The point being that we receive what we strive for. And striving for little or no money is not easier than striving for loads of money. When I read what he said about that, it was one of the most impacting moments I’ve ever had. It was so liberating!

See my programming is that money is hard to get. That simple. I have to work hard and constantly for it, and then I still won’t have enough. I’m aware of this thinking and I’m committed to changing it.

LOADS of money is EASY! I don’t have to work hard for it and neither do you. (unless of course you really love working hard and enjoy it haha!) I just waste my time and energy making it hard. Bummer eh?

Financial freedom is a piece of cake. Changing my thinking/feelings about money is easy! It’s been taking some time, I admit. And sometimes it feels like pulling teeth from a tiger. But I know in my soul that it’s an easy simple thing. I just make it hard.




Four Things I Have Learned Lately


1. Despite the fact that I have devoted the last 8 or so years of my life to being financially free, I still choose to make money the greatest obstacle in my life.

2. When I reach a high stress level, (this usually happens for no apparent reason) the simplest act of taking the time to read my Bible takes stress from a level 10 to a 0 within a few minutes. The peace lasts for days.

2.5. Why don’t I read my Bible more???

3.  The more time and energy I spend trying to figure out and solve my finances, the more stressed and tense I get and the worse things look.

4. Every so often I go through a phase where I’m just too busy or distracted to pay ANY attention to my finances whatsoever for days or even weeks. This usually ends up with me having a sudden panic that I have to check immediately and make sure I’m not overdrawn or anything. This ALWAYS ends up with me discovering that not only is everything fine, but I’m WAY better off than I thought.

Spending my time and energy LIVING results in finances doing great.

I’d like to share this with you-

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t posted in a while. Don’t worry, I’ve got some good stuff on the way 😉

But I just finished a post on my other blog YakimaNinja, and I’d really like to share it with you too!

You can find it here:


Let’s start with the big one- MONEY


Ah yes… and so it begins.


Do you want more? If not, why not? Personally, I consider poverty to be quite selfish. I think that to hold yourself back in ANY area, is selfish. What you have you can share. What you can share can be a positive impact on others.

No money? No giving.

If you made a million dollars a year, how many starving children could you sponsor? How many more could you sponsor if you made TEN million dollars a year?! But if (like me) you’re only just making it one dollar at a time, what can you do for others? Be honest. I want to do more. Don’t you?

Now, I’m going to be up-front with you here: when I write, I write gut-level honest. Period. I will give you nothing less. I write to you honestly and truthfully from where I’m at right now and always will. I make that commitment to you.

SO! gut-level honest: At this point in my life, I BARELY break-even. And I’m NOT breaking-even at a place where that’s anywhere NEAR enough. I have big plans and a flat wallet.

When I reach the point of always having plenty of money, it’s gonna be pretty darn awesomazing! I CAN’T WAIT!

That’s when I thought, “Hey! as I’m figuring all of this out, why don’t I share it with others?!” ‘Caus after all, you want the same thing don’t you? Financial freedom? Right now; because I never have enough money to buy this or do that, I’m a slave to it. Money owns me right now.

Personal freedom anybody?! I want it! and for me, it starts with financial freedom. Financial freedom is having money flow through me in such great quantities, that I never have to think “I don’t have enough” or “maybe next time”.

I’m committed to bigger, better, and GREAT things, so I know that I will achieve. I learn lessons ALL THE TIME as I journey down this great road. Free Nin is about sharing them with you 🙂 ‘Caus 1: I care about you. and 2: The best way to learn anything is to teach it. So it’s a win-win! I get the opportunity to grow faster by teaching you and you get to learn from my experiences.

God Bless!

Welcome to Free Nin! post #1


What does ‘free’ mean to you? Really. Take a moment and give it some thought. In your heart of hearts, what is your freedom? What does total independence look like to you? Be specific my friend.

I have a very clear vision of ‘free’ and what it means to me. I’ve spent every day of my life carefully, meticulously forming this very clear vision. I’m just 22, so… ‘every day of my life’ mostly refers to me as a child and youth. Obviously, I wasn’t a very typical child. lol. Other kids played and talked, I thought and considered all of life’s great mysteries.

And I planned. Some would call it ‘daydreaming,’ but I feel like that term usually has an airy-fairy connotation. OH I did daydream! don’t get me wrong. I could out day any dreamer any time! But it wasn’t just airy-fairy thinking; I was planning. Building my vision. The perfect life. What I was designed for.

I’ve always sought clarity. Nutshells. How can I take this vast vision and condense it into something simple and clear? I’m still practicing that…

You know what my most recent nutshell is?

If I could condense that vast majority of all my visions/nutshells into ONE what would it be? What’s it ALL really about to me? What am I really about. If I were to take every single one of my great ideas/visions together, what’s the one common denominator? ALL OF IT TOGETHER! What’s the base of everything for me in this life?


THAT’S IT! Think about THAT! Think about everything you love and want in this life. What if there were no limits? NONE. Not time, not money; no limits… Dream for a second.  Or more ;) No limits. Personal freedom.

Enter ‘Free Nin,’ my blog. This is my mission. Independence! Freedom! I’m learning it. Growing. Grasping! As I learn, grasp, grow… I will be sharing it all with YOU. Because I want YOU to come with me. Bring your family, bring your friends, come with me!

And let’s have some fun!